What is a Referral program?
A Referral Program is a way of incentivizing people for recommending us to their friends, family, and acquaintances. Once they officially become an OMG client, that’s when the benefits kick in!

How does OMG’s Referral Program work? 
It’s extremely simple! In order to qualify for benefits, you must first complete the form below. There is no cost to you for this program whatsoever, only rewards once your referrals begin services with OMG.

Does it cost money to be apart of OMG’s Referral Program?
No! This is a free program and an opportunity for you to make some additional money by simply referring friends, family, or acquaintances to us that need help!

What are the rewards for a referral?
Rewards are based on the net revenue generated from your referral. To keep it simple, you would receive 10% of the recurring net revenue generated paid directly to you, or, if you’re a client of OMG’s yourself, you’d get that percentage discounted from your own recurring service cost.

                       Your referral signs up for services, and the OMG net revenue generated was $1,000 per month, you would receive 10% ($100) monthly as a reward, as long as they maintain services and the same net revenue with OMG.

When do you get paid?
Once we do! Your monthly payouts will take place based on the billing date of your referral.

Do payments ever stop?
Only if your referral cancels, or if you voluntarily exit the referral program.

How does OMG know it’s your referral?
Once you are enrolled in our Referral Program, we will have your information in our database, so when any prospective clients contact us and mention you, they will be associated with your profile in our system. 

Will there be content/information provided that you can use to promote?
Of course! Once you are in our Referral Program, we will provide approved content for you to utilize.

Can you make your own content?
Yes! However, we request any self-made content be sent to us for review and approval prior to posting. This is so that we ensure the right messaging and information is being provided to prospective clients.

How long does the program last?
As long as you’d like it to! We are trying to grow our business as much as possible, and we simply want to reward those who help us out!

What happens once I submit the form to join the Referral Program?
OMG will contact you by phone or email to schedule a quick call. This call will be a basic introduction to our products & services, along with verifying information and providing you with the tools you need to promote OMG! 

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